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Galdive - Canvas LP

Galdive - Canvas LP

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A1. Prelude 

A2. Fond Adieu 

A3. Shoulder 

A4. Gravity 

A5. Pocket 

A6. Mundane 

A7. Puzzle 

B1. Crazy Driving 

B2. Sweet Sugar Getaway 

B3. Maybe I 

B4. Poetry (feat. love-sadKiD) 

B5. Nescience 

B6. Story Ends 

B7. Berceuse

A Sonic Tapestry Unveiled

Galdive's emotive masterpiece, "Canvas," now graces the vinyl realm after almost two years of capturing millions of hearts in the digital soundscape. Each track is a carefully woven thread in a sonic tapestry that explores the myriad emotions life unfolds.

Artistic Collaboration

Crafted by the artistic synergy of Osvaldo Rio Nugroho Aritonang and Tanisha Tishawiana Sadewo, this vinyl edition is not just an album but a visual and auditory delight. Tanisha's art graces the Canvas Deluxe LP box, setting the stage for the intimate journey within.

Deluxe in Every Detail

From the Deluxe LP box to the meticulously crafted slipcase and art book, every aspect of this edition exudes luxury. It's not just an album; it's a collector's item, a tangible piece of the artistic journey Galdive invites you to embark on.

A Literary Companion

Dive into the depths of Galdive's creation with a 16-page art book accompanying the vinyl. This book not only holds the lyrics to each soul-stirring track but also features liner notes penned by Mana Wave Media owner Chehade Boulos.

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