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Shaun Of The Dead - Original Motion Picture Score LP

Shaun Of The Dead - Original Motion Picture Score LP

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A1. (I Love Your) Pub Action

A2. Unreality

A3. Snakehips

A4. Cornetto Quest

A5. Susie's Bus Ride To Hell

A6. The Z Word / There's A Girl In The Garden

A7. Combat Studs

A8. The Shower & The Coming Apocalypse

A9. Fizzy Legs

A10. Garden Running

A11. Walking With The Dead

A12. Blood In Three Flavours

A13. BeZieged

B1. Burn Down The Sun

B2. Envy The Dead

B3. Pint Of No Return

B4. Ready...

B5. ...Steady...

B6. Heads Together

B7. Final Act

B8. Normality

Epic Tracklist: From the high-energy "(I Love Your) Pub Action" to the hauntingly atmospheric "The Shower & The Coming Apocalypse," every track is meticulously crafted to evoke the essence of the film. "Snakehips," "Combat Studs," and "Final Act" are just a few examples of the masterful blend of music and story that make this soundtrack a standout gem.

Limited Edition Transparent Red Vinyl: This limited edition vinyl is a treasure for any collector and a perfect representation of the movie's spirit. The transparent red vinyl captures the blood-pumping action and zombie mayhem of "Shaun of the Dead," making it a prized possession for fans.

Exclusive Director's Liner Notes: Accompanying the vinyl is an 11.7" x 11.7" insert featuring liner notes from the film's director, Edgar Wright, and the brilliant composers, Daniel Mudford and Pete Woodhead. Get insights into the music that elevated the film to cult status.

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