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Spelljams - D&D Composition 2xLP

Spelljams - D&D Composition 2xLP

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A1. Seeds Of Destruction

A2. Arena Of Blood

A3. Space Is A Place

A4. Visible Lights

A5. Far

B1. Left Hand Path

B2. Love Is The Disaster

B3. Xedalli

B4. Moon Dancer

B5. Light Of Xaryxis

C1. Spacefighters

C2. Crystalline Climbers

C3. Me And The Moon

C4. Endless Sea

C5. Ghost Of The Nautiloid

D1. Forgotten Land

D2. Topolah's Song

D3. chaotic.evil.astral.elves

D4. The Door To Endlessness

Limited "Galaxy" Variant

This exclusive "Galaxy" variant is adorned with a stunning blue sticker and limited to only 2000 copies. Each vinyl is carefully crafted in the Czech Republic to ensure the highest audio quality.

Discover New Favorites

Explore a diverse range of sounds, including the dreamy electronic beats of Black Marble's "Far," the soulful melodies of Mikaela Davis' "Left Hand Path," and the enchanting vocals of Y La Bamba's "Moon Dancer." Whether you're a Dungeon Master crafting epic adventures or an adventurer seeking thrills, this soundtrack will set the perfect tone for your quests.

Soundtrack for Epic Adventures

Accompany your Dungeon & Dragons escapades with the immersive sounds of this remarkable soundtrack. Let the music guide your imagination as you traverse uncharted territories, battle mythical creatures, and uncover the secrets of the cosmos.

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