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Persona 4 Game Soundtrack - 4xLP

Persona 4 Game Soundtrack - 4xLP

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A01. Pursuing My True Self

A02. Glimpse Of A Memory

A03. Welcome To The Limousine

A04. Aria Of The Soul

A05. New Days

A06. Signs Of Love

A07. Midnight Channel

B08. Your Affection

B09. Like A Dream Come True

B10. Who's There?

B11. Reach Out To The Truth -First Battle-

B12. Smile

C13. Backside Of The TV

C14. Deduction

C15. Castle

C16. Border Of Insanity

C17. I'll Face Myself -Battle-

D18. I'll Face Myself

D19. Muscle Blues

D20. It's Show Time!

D21. Someone Else's Man

D22. Quelorie Magic!

D23. Sauna

D24. Awakening

D25. Reach Out To The Truth

E26. Reach Out To The Truth -Inst Version-

E27. Specialist

E28. Theater

E29. Heartbeat, Heartbreak

E30. Youthful Lunch

E31. Game

E32. Zone Time

E33. A New World Fool

F34. The Fog

F35. Period

F36. Junes Theme

F37. Strength Of Heart (P4ver.)

F38. The Path Is Open (P4ver.)

F39. Traumerei

F40. How Much?

F41. Secret Base

G42. Heaven

G43. Alone

G44. Deduction -Another Version-

G45. Long Way

G46. Omen

G47. Corridor

G48. The Almighty

H49. The Genesis

H50. I'll Face Myself -Another Version-

H51. Never More

H52. Electronica In Velvet Room

Collaboration with Atlus: Persona 4 Vinyl

Widely acclaimed as one of the greatest OSTs ever, iam8bit is thrilled to partner with Atlus to bring the captivating sounds of Persona 4 to vinyl. Unlike Persona 3's more melancholic melodies, Persona 4's music is vibrant and upbeat, immersing listeners in a nostalgic "retro pop" experience. This curated selection of tracks is so enjoyable that it can loop in the background endlessly, enhancing the gaming atmosphere.

Premium Box Set Design

The box set's design ingeniously captures the game's narrative of dimension-rifting through TVs. It features a premium design that houses four exquisite LPs. These LPs include fan-favorite classics such as "Pursuing My True Self," "Signs of Love," "I’ll Face Myself -Battle-," "Reach Out to the Truth," "Heaven," and many more. The collection of tracks is extensive and covers a broad range of beloved pieces from the game.

A Must-Have for Video Game Music Enthusiasts

For fans of video game music, this vinyl release is an absolute must-have. The combination of Persona 4's iconic tunes, the premium box set design, and the high-quality LPs creates an immersive and unforgettable listening experience. Whether you're a die-hard fan of Persona 4 or simply appreciate outstanding video game soundtracks, this vinyl collection is sure to delight and captivate you.

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