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Celeste - Original Game Soundtrack Boxset

Celeste - Original Game Soundtrack Boxset

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A1. Prologue 

A2. First Steps 

A3. Shattered Mirror 

A4. Resurrections 

A5. Awake 

A6. Chapter Complete - Ascending 

A7. Chapter Complete - Normal 

A8. Postcards From Celeste Mountain 

B1. Checking In 

B2. Spirit of Hospitality 

B3. Scattered And Lost 

C1. Golden 

C2. Anxiety 

C3. Quiet And Falling 

D1. Enter The Mirror 

D2. In The Mirror 

D3. Madeline And Theo 

D4. Starjump 

E1. Reflection 

E2. Confronting Myself 

E3. Madeline Levels Up 

E4. Little Goth 

F1. Reach For The Summit 

F2. Chapter Complete - Summit 

F3. Exhale 

F4. Heart Of The Mountain 

F5. My Dearest Friends 

G1. Forsaken City (Sever The Skyline Mix) 

G2. Old Site (Black Moonrise Mix) 

G3. Celestial Resort (Good Karma Mix) 

G4. Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix) 

H1. Mirror Temple (Mirror Magic Mix) 

H2. Reflection (Center Of The Earth Mix) 

H3. Summit (No More Running Mix) 

H4. The Core (Say Goodbye Mix) 

I1. The Empty Space Above 

I2. Fear Of The Unknown 

I3. Joy Of Remembrance 

I4. In Stasis 

I5. Crash 

I6. Beyond The Heart 

J1. Final Defiance 

J2. Futility 

J3. Reconciliation 

J4. Farewell 

J5. The Woman and the Bird 

J6. Vovô E Vovó 

K1. Forsaken City (8-Bit) 

K2. Old Site (8-Bit) 

K3. Celestial Report (8-Bit) 

K4. Golden (8-Bit) 

K5. Mirror Temple (8-Bit) 

K6. Reflection (8-Bit) 

K7. Summit (8-Bit) 

K8. The Core (8-Bit) 

K9. Chapter Complete - Ascending (B-Sides) 

K10. Chapter Complete (B-Sides) 

K11. Secret Shrine 

K12. Area 1 Demo (Bonus) 

K13. Wavedash.ppt 

K14. First Steps (Piano Only)

Celeste Vinyl Collection - A Musical Odyssey

Experience the awe-inspiring soundtrack of Celeste through this comprehensive vinyl collection. Every note, every melody, and every emotion is beautifully preserved in this set, giving you the complete and uninterrupted musical journey. From the serene "Prologue" to the triumphant "My Dearest Friends," each track is a testament to the game's musical brilliance.

Remixed Magic from Celeste's B-Sides

This collection isn't limited to the original soundtrack; it also features electrifying remixes from Celeste's B-Sides. These reinterpretations, crafted by talented artists like Maxo, Ben Prunty, and Christa Lee, breathe new life into the beloved melodies. It's a fresh take on the iconic tunes you love, adding a whole new dimension to the Celeste experience.

Emotional Resonance of Celeste: Farewell

Celeste: Farewell's emotional depth is beautifully conveyed in this vinyl set. Tracks like "The Empty Space Above" and "Farewell" will tug at your heartstrings, allowing you to relive the game's touching narrative through its evocative music.

Exclusive Etching and Limited Slipmat

Adding to its charm, Lena Raine's signature is elegantly etched onto the 12th side, making each collection a unique and authentic treasure. Plus, as a special bonus, every set includes a limited edition slipmat, making it a must-have for Celeste enthusiasts and video game music aficionados.

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