Laser Engraved

Vinyl Record Dividers

Stylize your record organization with a beautiful wooden record divider. Engrave your preferred selection of alphabetical, genre, or custom art onto the record tab. These dividers are made from quality baltic birch plywood which is then laser cut to a perfect size without rough edges or splinters. 

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3D Printed Hexagon Wall Planter - 3D Printed - Liminal Goods

3D Printed

Polylactic Acid

Every 3D print is manufactured utilizing PLA (Polylactic Acid), a material derived from renewable sources like corn starch or sugar cane. The boundless scope of creative freedom enabled by 3D printing has allowed us to craft an extensive range of top-tier products featuring exceptionally distinctive designs.

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Rokkaku - Cement Planter - Planter - Liminal Goods

Hand Cast


Every cement product is meticulously created by combining a cement mixture with water. Once this blend is poured into our specially crafted molds, it allows us to manufacture an array of distinctive eye-catching designs.

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