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E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' Day Shift 2xLP

E-40 - Revenue Retrievin' Day Shift 2xLP

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A1. Back in Business

A2. Whip it Up

A3. B*tch

A4. Undastandz Me

A5. Duck

B1. I Get Down

B2. The Art of Story Tellin’

B3. F*ck You Right

B4. This a Boy

B5. I’ma Teach Ya How To Sell Dope

C1. The Weedman

C2. Lightweight Jammin’

C3. Everyday is a Weekend

C4. Got it

C5. Rick Rock Horns

D1. Dem Boyz

D2. Outta Control

D3. All I Need

D4. It’s Gotta Get Betta

Exclusive Limited Edition: This album comes in a stunning Metallic Gold Vinyl, making it a standout piece in any vinyl collection. With a limited number of copies available, don't miss your chance to own this rare and exclusive release.

Legendary Hip-Hop Icon: E-40 has solidified his place as a legendary hip-hop icon, and "Revenue Retrievin' Day Shift" showcases his unique style and authentic storytelling that have garnered him a massive fan following.

Expertly Mastered and Mixed: The album has been expertly mastered and mixed by Michael Denten, ensuring that you experience the full depth and richness of E-40's music.

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