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Vinyl Record Divider

Vinyl Record Divider

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  • Because this is a custom item it can only be returned in the case of a Liminal Goods error.


Height: 12"

Width: 13.5"

Thickness: 1/8"

Stylize your record organization with a beautiful wooden record divider. Engrave your preferred selection of alphabetical, genre, or custom art onto the record tab. These dividers are made from quality baltic birch plywood which is then laser cut to a perfect size. 

These dividers match a full-size record, meaning you will not bend or damage your favorite LPs. While many record dividers help organize your collection their awkward sizes can result in a bent record or record sleeve. These dividers are 12" tall, 13.5" wide, and 1/8" thick giving you full pressure displacement across the entire LP.

For dividers that require engraving, we will need some information to ensure that your divider is made as intended. Dividers that are selected as Alphabetical or Genre will need to have the desired alphabetical range/genre types as well as the font type. Custom Art selections are open-ended which means that the more descriptive the submission, the more accurate we can be with our engraving. We will prepare mock-ups for all engravings. An email will be sent to ensure the style is correct before entering production. After adding your product to the cart your cart page will have an option for special instructions.

Examples of special instructions:

A - Z:
A-F, G-T, U-Z in arial font.

Hip-hop, Electronic, Jazz, Indie in sans-serif.

Custom Art:
Band graphic/artwork, multiple flowers, anchor with a rope. 

Note: We reserve the right to refuse engraving any trademarked images

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