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Round Cat Planter - 3D Printed

Round Cat Planter - 3D Printed

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Height: 4"

Width: 4"

Inner Depth: 2.75"

Inner Width: 3.75"

Transform your plant care routine into an experience filled with delight and personality. With our 3D printed round cat planter, you can showcase your green thumb while embracing a touch of feline-inspired design. Whether you're a cat lover or simply appreciate unique planters, this piece adds character to your botanical world.

Key Features

  • Versatile Plant Accommodation: Whether it's a delicate succulent or a flourishing medium-sized plant, this planter provides a snug haven. Its versatile size ensures compatibility with a variety of plants.
  • Sturdy PLA+ Construction: Crafted from premium PLA+ material, this planter boasts impressive strength and longevity. It's designed to withstand the test of time while housing your botanical companions.
  • Perfect for All Spaces: From tabletops to windowsills, this round cat planter fits seamlessly into any setting. Its compact yet roomy structure makes it an ideal choice for adorning small corners or creating a plant centerpiece.

Important Information

  • No Drainage Holes: Currently, we do not offer these planters with holes to drain excess water. Please keep this in mind so that you do not overwater your plants.
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