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Dark Souls III - Original Game Soundtrack

Dark Souls III - Original Game Soundtrack

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Label: Spacelab9 ‎– SL9-2044-1-6_ETHM Format: Vinyl, LP Country: Released: 2022 Genre: Stage & Screen Style: Soundtrack

Tracklist Position Title/Credits Duration A1 Premonition 2:01 A2 Dark Souls III 2:47 A3 Prologue 3:11 A4 Firelink Shrine 3:08 A5 Iudex Gundyr 2:19 A6 Vordt of The Boreal Valley 3:12 B1 Curse-rotted Greatwood 1:58 B2 Crystal Sages 2:16 B3 Deacons of the Deep 2:24 B4 High Lord Wolnir 3:03 B5 Pontiff Sulyvahn 2:40 B6 Dancer of the Boreal Valley 3:02 C1 Dragonslayer Armour 3:27 C2 Old Demon King 2:03 C3 Oceiros, the Consumed King 3:03 C4 Ancient Wyvern 2:04 C5 Nameless King 2:21 C6 Abyss Watchers 2:27 C7 Yhorm the Giant 3:32 C8 Aldritch, Devourer of Gods 3:04 D1 Lorian, Elder Prince | Lothric, Younger Prince 2:30 D2 Soul of Cinder 5:52 D3 Secret Betrayal 2:49 D4 Epilogue 6:47 D5 E3 2015 Debut Trailer 2:19

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