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God Of War: Ragnarök - Original Game Soundtrack 3xLP

God Of War: Ragnarök - Original Game Soundtrack 3xLP

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A1. God Of War: Ragnarök

A2. A Son's Path

A3. The Hand Of Odin

A4. Giantess Of Ironwood

A5. Huldra Brothers

B1. Holding On

B2. Svartalfheim

B3. Pull Of The Light

B4. Alfheim

B5. Jotunheim

C1. Grýla

C2. Whispered Souls

C3. Vanaheim

C4. The Hidden Beast

D1. To Forgive Or To Kill

D2. Asgard

D3. Muspelheim And Niflheim

D4. Midgard

D5. The Mermaid

E1. Remembering Faye

E2. Return To Helheim

E3. The Hammer Of Thor

E4. The Mask

E5. Ragnarök

F. The All-Father

F2. Raeb's Lament

F3. Letting Go

F4. Blood Upon The Snow

This meticulously crafted package showcases stunning Red Smoke, Blue Smoke, and Yellow Smoke designs, making it a visual masterpiece.

Complete Collectors' Package:

Inside, you'll find a slipcase that houses both God of War and God of War: Ragnarok, creating a complete collectors' set. This is your chance to own a piece of gaming history.

Personal Touch:

As a special touch, this edition contains a personal note from the game director and composer, giving you unique insights into the creative process behind these iconic games.

Artistry at Its Finest:

Enhancing the artistic experience, we've included two captivating art prints that will immerse you in the breathtaking worlds of God of War and God of War: Ragnarok.

Quality Materials:

The inner sleeves are crafted from black plain paper, providing a touch of elegance. They are designed without an antistatic insert, ensuring that the focus remains on the stunning visuals and personal message.

Elevate your gaming collection with this limited edition trifold package!

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