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Goldeneye - N64 Orchestrated Game Soundtrack LP

Goldeneye - N64 Orchestrated Game Soundtrack LP

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A1. Briefing A2. Dam A3. Facility A4. Watch A5. Runway A6. Surface A7. Bunker A8. Statue B1. Archives B2. Depot B3. Control B4. Caverns B5. Aztec B6. Egyptian B7. James Bond Theme

Nostalgic Symphony: A Musical Journey

In this album, Rich Douglas masterfully transmutes N64 game music into a cinematic score. The iconic themes by Grant Kirkhope, John Barry, and Monty Norman receive a stunning reinterpretation. Every composition and arrangement, a product of Rich Douglas, is presented in this officially licensed release by Respawned Records. Introducing the GoldenEye N64 Orchestrated, a bullet to the heart of nostalgia.


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