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Hades - Original Game Soundtrack Boxset

Hades - Original Game Soundtrack Boxset

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A1. No Escape 

A2. The House of Hades 

A3. Out of Tartarus 

A4. Wretched Shades 

A5. Lament of Orpheus 

B1. The Painful Way 

B2. From Olympus 

B3. Through Asphodel 

C1. Good Riddance (Eurydice Solo ft. Ashley Barrett) 

C2. Final Expense 

C3. Mouth of Styx 

C4. Primordial Chaos 

C5. The Bloodless 

D1. Scourge of the Furies 

D2. Hymn to Zagreus 

D3. Field of Souls 

E1. River of Flame 

E2. Death and I 

E3. Rage of the Myrmidons 

F1. The Exalted 

F2. Last Words 

F3. The King and the Bull 

G1. Lament of Orpheus (Underworld Mix) 

G2. Gates of Hell 

G3. God of the Dead 

H1. Final Expense (Payback Mix) 

H2. On the Coast 

H3. In the Blood (feat. Ashley Barrett) 

H4. The Unseen Ones (feat. Daisuke Kurosawa and Masahiro Aoki) 

H5. Good Riddance (feat. Ashley Barrett) 

Immerse Yourself in the Vinyl Experience

Step into the mesmerizing world of "Hades - Original Game Soundtrack" a limited edition vinyl release by the incredibly talented Darren Korb. This 4 x LP album is a visual masterpiece as much as a musical one, presented on 150g clear vinyl with striking black swirls.

A Sonic Odyssey Across Four Discs

With a carefully curated track list that spans across four discs, this album takes listeners on an emotional odyssey. From the hauntingly beautiful melodies of "Lament of Orpheus" to the exhilarating and thunderous "Scourge of the Furies," each track is a testament to the artist's exceptional talent in crafting immersive soundscapes.

Collaborations That Resonate

Featuring collaborations with renowned artists like Ashley Barrett, Daisuke Kurosawa, and Masahiro Aoki, "Hades - Original Game Soundtrack" explores themes that are both timeless and deeply resonant.

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