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Horizon Forbidden West - Original Game Soundtrack Boxset

Horizon Forbidden West - Original Game Soundtrack Boxset

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A1. Whatever Comes 

A2. Aloy's Theme (Forbidden West) 

A3. In The Flood 

A4. The World On Her Shoulders 

A5. Echo Of You 

A6. Unity 

B1. No Footfalls To Follow 

B2. These Stones Unturned 

B3. Riddles In Ruins 

B4. Wither And Ache 

B5. The Chorus 

B6. A Scattered Reflection 

C1. Shelter From The Storm 

C2. Restricted Access 

C3. A Promise To Uphold 

C4. The Sky Remade 

C5. Edge Of The Sundom 

D1. Rusted Sands 

D2. Machine Made 

D3. Trinity 

D4. The Wings Of The Ten 

D5. Resilience To Rise 

D6. In The Flood (Lovisa’s Version) 

E1. All Fall Down 

E2. The Long Road Back 

E3. Savior Of Meridian 

E4. Valley's Descent 

E5. Clear The Way 

E6. In All Its Splendor 

E7. A Wager Over Barrels 

F1. Commander's Orders 

F2. Storming The Gates 

F3. Born In Blood 

F4. Bloodied And Broken 

F5. The Embers In Our Wake 

F6. Dawn Eases Night 

F7. Hollowed Out 

F8. Solitude's Shore 

G1. As Verdant Limbs Wither 

G2. Silhouettes 

G3. As Before, We Are 

G4. Sacred Decay 

G5. Blood Shed On Stone 

G6. Pride's Fall 

H1. Strike From The Sky 

H2. All Will Be Run Red 

H3. Delver's Dream 

H4. Showtime 

H5. Night Life 

H6. The Eye That Reveals 

H7. Every Secret, A Maze 

H8. The Corner Of Your Eye 

H9. The Way Of The Desert 

I1. Eternal Conceit 

I2. A Whispered Plea 

I3. Legacy's Landfall 

I4. Pride Of The Expedition 

I5. Entombed 

J1. Look Deeper (Extended Version) 

J2. All That Remains 

J3. Singular Purpose 

J4. Point Of No Return 

J5. This Place, This Moment (Extended Version) 

K1. Storm On The Rise 

K2. Coiled Strike 

K3. In The Dust, To The Death 

K4. Search And Destroy 

K5. Sudden Surge 

K6. Ride The Edge 

K7. Primal Steel 

L1. Claws In The Hollow 

L2. Sharpened Instinct 

L3. Imperator 

L4. No Delve Without Danger 

L5. Far From Rest 

L6. Steel The Mind 

L7. The Pride Of The Arena 


Horizon Forbidden West - A Sonic Journey Through the Forbidden World

Delve into the captivating world of "Horizon Forbidden West" with this exceptional vinyl collection. This soundtrack perfectly encapsulates the epic and emotional journey of Aloy as she navigates the forbidden lands. From the hauntingly beautiful "Whatever Comes" to the adrenaline-pumping "All Will Be Run Red," each track immerses you deeper into this post-apocalyptic realm.

Remastered and Expanded

This collector's box set isn't just a compilation; it's an immersive experience. The meticulously remastered tracks, composed by Joris de Man, Lovisa Bergdahl, Niels van der Leest, Oleksa Lozowchuk, and The Flight (2), bring the game's atmosphere to life in your living room. Plus, with an array of extended versions and bonus tracks, you'll discover even more layers to the Forbidden West.

A Beautifully Presented Collector's Edition

This vinyl collection is not just about the music; it's about the experience. Housed in two triple gatefold jackets and featuring stunning lithographs, it's a visual and auditory masterpiece. The included felt slipmat and Aloy t-shirt adds a touch of luxury to your listening sessions, making this collector's box set a must-have for any "Horizon" fan.

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