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Hotline Miami 1 & 2: The Complete Collection

Hotline Miami 1 & 2: The Complete Collection

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Position Artists Title/Credits Duration
Hotline Miami
A1 Sun Araw Horse Steppin'
A2 M.O.O.N. Paris
A3 Perturbator Miami Disco
B1 Scattle Knock Knock
B2 Jasper Byrne Hotline
B3 M.O.O.N. Crystals
B4 Perturbator Vengeance (The Return of the Night Driving Avenger)
B5 Elliott Berlin Musikk per Automatikk
C1 Coconuts (3) Silver Lights
C2 M.O.O.N. Hydrogen
C3 El Huervo Daisuke
Featuring – Shelby Cinca
C4 Scattle It's Safe Now
C5 Eirik Suhrke A New Morning
D1 Scattle Flatline
D2 M.O.O.N. Release
D3 El Huervo Turf
D4 Scattle To The Top
D5 Jasper Byrne Miami
E1 Sun Araw Deep Cover
E2 Scattle Inner Animal
E3 El Huervo Crush
E4 Perturbator Electric Dreams
F1 El Huervo Rust (El Huervo Remix)
F2 M.O.O.N. Subbygroove
F3 Jasper Byrne Hotline (Analogue Mix)
F4 Perturbator Angel Dust
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
G1 The Green Kingdom Untitled 2
G2 Prey Growl Detection
G3 Light Club Blizzard
G4 Jasper Byrne Voyager
G5 Light Club She Meditates
G6 Old Future Fox Gang Guided Meditation
H1 M.O.O.N. Dust
H2 Endless Disturbance
H3 Perturbator Technoir
Featuring – Noir Deco
H4 Magna (3) Divide (Miami Edit)
H5 Riddarna Simma Hem
I1 Mitch Murder Hollywood Heights
I2 Life Companions Richard
I3 Sjellos Chamber of Reflections
I4 Jasper Byrne Decade Dance
I5 Chromacle Interlude
J1 Vestron Vulture New Wave Hookers
J2 Modulogeek Around
J3 Magic Sword In The Face of Evil
J4 Dag Unenge The Winding Theme 1
J5 Scattle Remorse
K1 Mitch Murder Frantic Aerobics
K2 Perturbator Sexualizer
Featuring – Flash Arnold
K3 Old Future Fox Gang Java
K4 Life Companions We're Sorry
K5 Scattle Bloodline
L1 M.O.O.N. Delay
L2 Carpenter Brut Roller Mobster
L3 Endless Keep Calm
L4 iamthekidyouknowwhatimean Run
M1 El Huervo Ghost
M2 Benny Smiles Hotline Miami Theme
M3 M.O.O.N. Quixotic
M4 Magic Sword The Way Home
M5 Dubmood Richard Theme
N1 Mega Drive (3) Narc
N2 Cinimod The Rumble
N3 Carpenter Brut Le Perv
N4 Auto Delta Time Ms Minnie
O1 El Tigre (4) She Swallowed
O2 Mega Drive (3) Acid Spit
O3 Mega Drive (3) Slum Lord
O4 Perturbator Future Club
P1 Light Club Fahkeet
P2 LipPi Sound Abyss
P3 LipPi Sound Abyss intro
P4 Nounverber Black Tar
P5 Carpenter Brut Escape From Midwich Valley
P6 Castanets You Are The Blood

Companies, etc.



Soundtrack compilation to the video games "Hotline Miami" & ''Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number'', developed by Dennaton Games and published by Devolver Digital.

Neon yellow and pink effect across 8LPs housed in a rigid lift-off lid box with spot gloss highlight.10 Year anniversary edition, includes slipmat, 2 x 12" art prints and metallic sticker.

Devolver store exclusive - different to Laced Records store variant
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