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Silent Hill - Original Game Soundtrack 2xLP

Silent Hill - Original Game Soundtrack 2xLP

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A1. Silent Hill

A2. All

A3. The Wait

A4. Until Death

A5. Over

A6. Devil's Lyric

A7. Rising Sun

A8. For All

A9. Follow The Leader

A10. Claw Finger

B1. Hear Nothing

B2. Children Kill

B3. Killed By Death

B4. Don't Cry

B5. The Bitter Season

B6. Moonchild

B7. Never Again

B8. Fear Of The Dark

B9. Half Day

B10. Heaven Give Me Say

B11. Far

C1. I'll Kill You

C2. My Justice For You

C3. Devil's Lyric 2

C4. Dead End

C5. Ain't Gonna Rain

C6. Nothing Else

C7. Alive

C8. Never Again

C9. Die

C10. Never End, Never End, Never End

C11. Down Time

C12. Kill Angels

C13. Only You

C14. Not Tomorrow 1

C15. Not Tomorrow 2

C16. My Heaven

D1. Tears Of...

D2. Killing Time

D3. She

D4. Silent Hill (Otherside)

A Haunting Journey

Journey through the mist-shrouded town of Silent Hill as you listen to tracks like "Silent Hill," "Devil's Lyric," and "Moonchild." The haunting melodies and eerie soundscapes will transport you to the dark and mysterious world of the game.

A Limited-Edition Collectible

This vinyl release is a limited-edition collectible, with only 1000 copies available exclusively through the Official Konami Shop. Each record is pressed by GZ Media and features artwork and layout by Sam Wolfe Connelly, making it a must-have for any Silent Hill fan.

Remastered for Vinyl

The soundtrack has been expertly remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin, ensuring the best audio quality possible. Each track has been carefully crafted to retain the original atmosphere and emotions of the game.

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