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Malcolm Robinson – Symphony Of Zeal 2xLP

Malcolm Robinson – Symphony Of Zeal 2xLP

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A1. Main Theme

A2. Peaceful Days

A3. Memories Of Green

A4. Wind Scene

A5. Secret Of The Forest

A6. Battle Theme

A7. Guardia Castle

B1. Manoria Cathedral

B2. Silent Light

B3. Boss Battle 1

B4. Frog’s Theme

B5. The Trial

B6. Ruined World

B7. Lavos’ Theme

B8. The End Of Time

C1. Boss Battle 2

C2. Primitive Mountain

C3. Battle With Magus

C4. Tyrano Lair

C5. At The Bottom Of The Night

C6. Corridors Of Time

C7. Zeal Palace

C8. Schala’s Theme

D1. Sealed Door

D2. Undersea Palace

D3. Black Omen

D4. World Revolution

D5. Last Battle

D6. Epilogue

D7. To Far Away Times

Malcolm Robinson's Orchestral Selections from Chrono Trigger have been reimagined as Symphony of Zeal: a two LP orchestral arrangement of one of gaming's most beloved soundtracks.

Presented in a 24pt, reverse board gatefold jacket with incredible Ukiyo-e inspired artwork from artist CATHY KWAN (Mondo's Shazam, Death's Diner), this is not a release to miss.

Limited Edition'Hero' Red and Yellow/Orange Marbles

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