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Mike Moran – Time Bandits (Original Movie Soundtrack)

Mike Moran – Time Bandits (Original Movie Soundtrack)

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A1. Opening Titles

A2. Dwarves Entrance

A3. Supreme Being Music

A4. Kevin Escapes From Barn

A5. Catiglione Entrance (Napoleon)

A6. Sherwood Forest

A7. Evil's Grotto

A8. Entrance Into Mycenae

A9. Escape From "Titanic"

A10. Time Of Legend

A11. Ogre Sequence

B1. Giant Rising Out Of Ocean

B2. Entrance Into The Fortress Of Darkness

B3. Map Rescue

B4. Evil Battle Medley

B5. Tank Battle

B6. Evil's End Music

B7. Ascension Of Supreme Being

B8. Closing

B9. Maderna's Theme

Film Synopsis

Time Bandits narrates the adventures of Kevin, a young boy fascinated by history but neglected by his parents. His life takes a dramatic turn when a group of time-traveling dwarfs materializes in his bedroom, armed with the Supreme Being's unique map of time and space. Driven by greed, they take Kevin on a whirlwind journey through history, leaping across eras and encountering various challenges. Complicating matters is the Evil Genius, a formidable foe pursuing the dwarfs and their coveted map. The film culminates in an epic showdown in the Time of Legends, blending fantasy, adventure, and imagination.

Film Production

Time Bandits, directed by Terry Gilliam and produced by George Harrison’s Handmade Films, features an ensemble cast including Sean Connery, John Cleese, David Warner, and David Rappaport. It has amassed a devoted cult following and earned a place in the prestigious Criterion Collection, renowned for curating exceptional films of global significance.

Composer Background

Mike Moran, the composer for Time Bandits, is a versatile English musician, songwriter, and record producer. Besides his work on the film, Moran has contributed to other Handmade Films productions like The Missionary and Water. His collaboration with notable artists like Ozzy Osbourne, George Harrison, and members of Queen further underscores his musical prowess.

Musical Highlights

The Time Bandits original motion picture score vinyl, available for the first time, is pressed on 140-gram vinyl and features an exclusive “The Most Fabulous Object in the World” variant in blue, red, black, and white splatter. Limited to 333 copies, this edition is remastered from the original master tapes and includes liner notes by composer Mike Moran. The front cover art is by Terry Gilliam, with gatefold artwork by Brad Mrock. Additionally, the release includes a printed insert with new artwork, credits, and liner notes, enhancing the overall collector's appeal and immersive experience.

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