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Oppenheimer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - 3xLP

Oppenheimer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - 3xLP

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A1. Fission

A2. Can You Hear The Music

A3. A Lowly Shoe Salesman

A4. Quantum Mechanics

A5. Gravity Swallows Light

B1. Meeting Kitty

B2. Groves

B3. Manhattan Project

B4. American Prometheus

B5. Atmospheric Ignition

C1. Los Alamos

C2. Fusion

C3. Colonel Pash

C4. Theorists

C5. Ground Zero

D1. Trinity

D2. What We Have Done

D3. Power Stays In The Shadows

E1. The Trial

E2. Dr. Hill

E3. Kitty Comes To Testify

E4. Something More Important

F1. Destroyer of Worlds

F2. Oppenheimer

Mondo Music Presents Oppenheimer Score

In collaboration with Universal Pictures, Mondo Music unveils Ludwig Göransson's score for Christopher Nolan's epic thriller, Oppenheimer. The film explores the complex persona of J. Robert Oppenheimer, known as the father of the atomic bomb.

Award-Winning Score

The score won the 2024 Golden Globe for Best Original Score in a Motion Picture.


Ludwig Göransson

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