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Oxenfree - Original Game Sountrack 2xLP

Oxenfree - Original Game Sountrack 2xLP

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A1. Lost (Prologue) 

A2. Beacon Beach 

A3. Epiphany Fields 

A4. Towhee Grove 

A5. Against The Rocks 

B1. Cleanslate 

B2. Alsos 

B3. Cold Comfort 

B4. Lantern 

B5. Argonaut 

C1. Catbird Station 

C2. Against The Waves 

C3. Dead Light 

C4. Catchpole Station 

C5. From The Leads 

C6. The Gate 

D1. Kanaloa 

D2. Argonaut Atalanta 

D3. Days Past 

D4. The Beach, 7AM 

Rediscover The Oxenfree Soundtrack

Dive into the haunting world of Oxenfree with this mesmerizing vinyl edition of its renowned soundtrack. Crafted by the talented Scntfc, this music creates an emotional landscape that perfectly mirrors the game's enigmatic narrative.

Exclusive Reissue Features

This 2023 reissue boasts exclusive content. Notably, a hidden track, 'Lost,' concealed behind a fake runout in Side C after the enigmatic 'The Gate.' Moreover, a radio static run-in before the captivating opening track 'Lost (Prologue)' enhances the immersive experience. These additions offer fans something fresh and unexpected, even for those familiar with the original soundtrack.

Artwork That Intrigues

The album cover, designed by J. WAV from Night School Studio, adds a touch of visual splendor. It's not just a record; it's a piece of art that beautifully complements the music it holds.

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