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Pentiment - Original Game Soundtrack 2xLP

Pentiment - Original Game Soundtrack 2xLP

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A1. Title Screen 

A2. Title Sequence 

A3. City Of Reason 

A4. Rüdeger's Rehearsal 

A5. Piero's Pride 

A6. Sister Amalie's First Vision 

A7. The Body 

A8. Flight From The Library 

A9. Andreas' Farewell 

A10. The Parting 

A11. Andreas' Return 

B12. Otto Addresses The Town 

B13. Sister Amalie's Second Vision 

B14. Otto At The Bonfire 

B15. City Of Melancholy 

B16. Melencolia Enthroned 

B17. St. John's Eve 

B18. The Second Body 

B19. The Mob Pursues The Abbot 

B20. A Deer's End 

C21. Rüdeger's Comfort 

C22. The Duke's Herald 

C23. The Duke's Forces 

C24. Esther Arrives 

Musical Adaptations Through Time

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history with the Pentiment game soundtrack vinyl, a masterpiece brought to life by Obsidian Entertainment. This musical journey, recorded and produced by the talented ensemble under the direction of Charles Mueller, Seth Manchester, and others, takes you through a time-traveling experience. The recording features an array of instruments skillfully played, including vielle, lyre, bagpipes, dulcian, and more, creating an authentic and captivating atmosphere.

A Contemporary Twist

In collaboration with Lingua Ignota, the musical journey extends to the contemporary with a hidden track, adding a modern and unexpected twist to the historical soundscape. The vinyl, masterfully pressed on clear vinyl by GZ Media and distributed by Memphis Record Pressing, ensures an audiophile-quality experience. The sequential arrangement of tracks in the gatefold mirrors the game's unfolding story, making it a collectible piece for both vinyl enthusiasts and gamers.

An Immersive Collector's Item

The Pentiment vinyl release isn't just an auditory delight; it's a visual and tactile experience. The cover artwork, capturing the essence of the game, draws you into its world. The immersive atmosphere of Pentiment is further enhanced by the inclusion of details like the intricately designed inner sleeves and the overall presentation, making it a true collector's item. This soundtrack is not just an accompaniment to a game; it's a standalone piece of art that transcends its digital origins, inviting you to relive the captivating journey of Pentiment again and again.

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