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Signalis - Original Game Soundtrack 3xLP

Signalis - Original Game Soundtrack 3xLP

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A1. Turned Around

A2. Safe Room

A3. Causal Loop

A4. Double Back

A5. Pneumatic

A6. Eternity In A Box

A7. Visions Of Alina

A8. Incinerator

A9. Intensive Care

A10. Train Ride

A11. Ritual


B2. Mynah

B3. Adler

B4. Dowsing

B5. Bodies

B6. Hamstrung

B7. Riot Control

B8. Kolibri

C1. Eulenlieder

C2. Orrery

C3. Ewige Wiederkunft

C4. Liminality

C5. Kentucky Meat Shower

C6. Haint Tales

C7. Misremembered

C8. Nue

C9. Matryoshka

C10. Labyrinth

D1. Prison

D2. Coal Ash Slurry

D3. Sea Smoke

D4. Ritual (Nowhere)

D5. The Red Gate

D6. Die Toteninsel (Emptiness)

D7. Memory

D8. 3000 Cycles (I Missed You)

D9. Near Dark By The Pond

E1. Lived In

E2. I Can't Stop Now

E3. Rogue Wave

E4. You Have Changed

E5. Cigarette Wife

E6. Rotfront (Moon)

E7. Dream Diary

E8. Blockwart

E9. Teeth

E10. Double Back (VHS Ver.)

E11. Home

F1. Ariane's Theme

F2. Falke's Theme

F3. Become Whole Again

F4. The Promise

F5. Crepuscular

F6. Troublesome Creek

F7. Warm Light

F8. Salvaging

Crafted by Masterful Minds

Crafted by the masterful minds of 1000 Eyes and Cicada Sirens, this soundtrack transcends mere music, serving as a portal to the atmospheric depths of the game's universe. The album's genre blends elements of Stage & Screen with the captivating allure of Video Game Music, ensuring an unforgettable auditory experience.

Stunning Presentation

The vinyl set comes housed in a triple gatefold jacket, featuring stunning artwork and design by rose-engine. Each detail, from the meticulously arranged tracklist to the coordinated vinyl release by Scott Geoffrey, speaks to the dedication and passion poured into every aspect of this release.

Immersive Atmosphere

With compositions such as "1000 Eyes–Ritual (Nowhere)" and "Cicada Sirens–Coal Ash Slurry," the soundtrack evokes a sense of urgency and tension, perfectly encapsulating the game's immersive narrative. Meanwhile, tracks like "1000 Eyes–Warm Light" and "Cicada Sirens–Crepuscular" offer moments of respite, allowing for reflection amidst the chaos.

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