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Sonic Spinball - Original Game Soundtrack LP

Sonic Spinball - Original Game Soundtrack LP

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A1. Logo

A2. Title Screen

A3. Introduction

A4. Toxic Caves

A5. Emerald Collected

A6. Boss

A7. Lava Powerhouse

A8. Bonus Stage

B1. The Machine

B2. All Emeralds Collected

B3. Showdown

B4. Credits / Options

B5. Lava Powerhouse (European Ver.)

B6. Game Over

Limited Edition Variant

This edition features a limited variant on frosted clear and blue translucent stripe-colored vinyl, making it a unique and collectible addition to any gaming or vinyl collection. The striking color combination adds a touch of vibrancy to the music that will delight fans and collectors alike.

High-Quality Audio

The audio for this vinyl release was sourced from a Japanese Model 1 Mega Drive with VA1 motherboard, ensuring that it stays true to the original sounds that fans remember. For tracks B5 and B6, sourced from a PAL Mega Drive, HD, Non-TMSS with VA4 motherboard, the highest-quality audio capture was used. The music was captured in 24bit/96kHz and mastered for vinyl by Shaun Crook in August 2021, guaranteeing a rich and immersive listening experience.

Art and Design

The cover features the original illustration by Greg Martin, adding a touch of nostalgia to the packaging. The layout and design, done by Alexander Lucas, perfectly complement the game's aesthetics and create a visually appealing package.

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