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Stray - Original Game Soundtrack 2xLP

Stray - Original Game Soundtrack 2xLP

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A1. Inside The Wall

A2. Follow The Light

A3. Intruder

A4. Guardian

A5. The Notebooks

B1. Rooftops

B2. Town Square

B3. Communication

B4. Secret Lab

B5. Raft

C1. Sewers

C2. Ant Village

C3. Outlaws

D1. Trash Zone

D2. Rikonium

D3. Stealth

D4. Clean City

D5. Daybreak

Exploring Stray's Cybercity

Stray's cybercity, in a state of decay, unfolds through dense neon-tinted narrow alleys inhabited by eccentric robotic denizens. For a diminutive tabby, navigating this unwelcoming environment is a formidable challenge.

Synthetic Soundscape by Yann Van Der Cruyssen

Composer Yann Van Der Cruyssen encapsulates the essence of Stray's desolate cyberpunk metro. Through a feline's perspective, the soundtrack immerses listeners in a synthy soundscape. It resonates with reverberating chords, pulsating drum beats, and moments of instrumental whimsy.

Collaborative Presentation

In collaboration with BlueTwelve Studios and Annapurna Interactive, iam8bit proudly presents the Stray soundtrack on audiophile-approved 180g black vinyl. Spanning a two-disc set, the atmospheric album art by Fernando Correa, adorned with foil embellishments, enhances the visual experience. Your vinyl package includes a download card for the Steam version of the album.

A Tribute to Feline Majesty

Echoing da Vinci's sentiment that even the smallest feline is a masterpiece of nature, this album serves as a worthy tribute to our furry friends. Explore the sonic world of Stray and celebrate the majesty of nature's smallest marvels.

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