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Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary - Original Game Soundtrack Boxset

Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary - Original Game Soundtrack Boxset

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A1. Dearly Beloved

A2. Simple And Clean (Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental

A3. Dive Into The Heart -Destati-

A4. Destiny Islands

A5. Treasured Memories

A6. Kairi I

A7. Destiny's Force

A8. Traverse Town

B1. Blast Away! -Gummi Ship I-

B2. Hand In Hand

B3. Hollow Bastion

B4. End Of The World

B5. Guardando Nel Buio

B6. Always On My Mind

B7. Vector To The Heavens

C1. Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts II Version)

C2. Passion (Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version)

C3. Lazy Afternoons

C4. Tension Rising

C5. Roxas

C6. Sora

C7. Working Together

C8. Organization XIII

D1. The 13th Reflection

D2. The Other Promise

D3. Riku

D4. Darkness Of The Unknown

D5. Rage Awakened

E1. Don't Think Twice (Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental

E2. Face My Fears (Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version)

E3. Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts III Version)

E4. Forza Finale

F1. Dark Domination

F2. Vector To The Heavens -Xion-

F3. Nachtflügel

F4. Reality In The Dark

Relive The Magic

Experience the enchanting melodies and captivating themes of the beloved video game series "Kingdom Hearts" with this exclusive Trilogy Vinyl Box Set. Immerse yourself in the magical journey of Sora, Kairi, and Riku as you listen to the iconic music from "Kingdom Hearts," "Kingdom Hearts II," and "Kingdom Hearts III."

Artistic Presentation

This limited-edition box set is elegantly packaged in a lift-off lid box, adorned with liner notes on the back of the lid. Each vinyl record is housed in individual tip-on jackets, ensuring their protection and preserving the high audio quality. The set also includes a cardboard record stand and a special cardboard art piece to celebrate the iconic artwork of the Kingdom Hearts series.

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