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Gravity Falls Soundtrack - Original Series Soundtrack 2xLP

Gravity Falls Soundtrack - Original Series Soundtrack 2xLP

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A1. Gravity Falls Main Theme

A2. Let's Rewind

A3. Gobblewonker Chase

A4. Pig Is Soos

A5. Book Discovery - Gideon's Theme

A6. Wax Battle

A7. Boyz Crazy Medley

A8. Let's Do This

A9. Is It Bottomless - Triangulum Entagulum

A10. ybmaL A stnaW ohW

A11. Fight Fighters - Battle Suite

A12. Blanchin

B1. Finally I Have Them All

B2. Gideon's Song

B3. It's All Let Up To This

B4. Working Girls

B5. Gnome Chase

B6. Gideon Rises - End Credits

B7. Who's That Girl

B8. Fiddleford Hadron Magucket

B9. Stan Wrong Song

B10. A Very Tricky Triangle

C1. A World of Enchantment or Whatever - I Came Up With A

C2. The Two Kids Who Ruined My Life

C3. Everything Changes Today


C5. Blackened Skies

C6. Don't Let Them Escape

C7. I Wanna Be Exes

C8. I Need That Machine To Stay On

C9. Yeah Dude Friends - Your Fighting Only Makes Us Look
More Rad

C10. Takin' Over 2 Nite

D1. Mabel It's Bill

D2. Goat and a Pig

D3. Weirdmageddon Pt. 1 - Suite

D4. Giggle Creek

D5. Bill Tricked Me

D6. My Heart Is Made of Rainbows

D7. I'm a Flippin' Corduroy

D8. Saying Goodbye to Gravity Falls

D9. Weirdmageddon Pt. 4 - End Credits

D10. Grvatiy lFals ehTme (s'lliB deppohC dna dewercS ximeR)

D11. We'll Meet Again

Immerse in the Musical Journey: The "Gravity Falls" Original Soundtrack Vinyl is a musical journey that captures the essence of the beloved animated series. From the iconic "Gravity Falls Main Theme" to the thrilling "Wax Battle" and the heartwarming "Saying Goodbye to Gravity Falls," each track evokes nostalgia and wonder.

Stunning Gatefold Sleeve: Peel open the partially glossy gatefold sleeve to reveal a world of wonders. Inside, you'll find a double-sided insert showcasing the tracklist and credits, as well as delightful artwork that will transport you back to the enchanting town of "Gravity Falls."

Decipher Hidden Messages: Unravel the mysteries hidden within the vinyl itself! The colored sleeves feature red patterns that conceal secret quotes from the show. With the "decoder red" vinyl discs, these hidden messages come to light, giving you an interactive and immersive experience.

High-Fidelity Vinyl: The "Gravity Falls" Original Soundtrack Vinyl is produced with the utmost care, ensuring top-notch audio quality. Every note, every melody, and every bit of dialogue is preserved in crystal-clear fidelity, bringing the magic of the show right into your living room.

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