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Broforce - Original Game Soundtrack LP

Broforce - Original Game Soundtrack LP

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A1. Broforce Theme Song

A2. Choose Your Destiny

A3. This Ends Now

A4. This Ends Now (Victory Sting)

A5. End Of The Line

A6. End Of The Line (Victory Sting)

A7. Liberty Or Death

A8. Liberty Or Death (Victory Sting)

A9. An Unbreakable Force

A10. An Unbreakable Force (Victory Sting)

A11. Second Amendment Rights

B1. The Star Spangled Banner (Broforce Edition)

B2. The Ballad Of Rambro

B3. The Alpha Xenomorph

B4. The Alpha Xenomorph (Victory Sting)

B5. We Meet At Last (High Intensity)

B6. We Meet At Last (Victory Sting)

B7. No Sympathy For The Devil

B8. Straight Outta Hell

B9. Trophy Room

B10. Area Liberated

A Sonic Odyssey: The "Broforce - Original Game Soundtrack" takes you on an unforgettable sonic odyssey through heroic battles and exhilarating victories. From "The Ballad Of Rambro" to the intense "No Sympathy For The Devil," these tracks will awaken your inner hero.

Exclusive Vinyl Edition: This exclusive vinyl edition, pressed by GZ Media, boasts superb audio quality and visual appeal. With a die-cut slipcase cover, the artwork by Dawid Strauss (2) and art direction by Jarred Lunt immerse you in the game's explosive world.

A Collaborative Masterpiece: The "Broforce - Original Game Soundtrack" is a collaborative masterpiece. Composed, programmed, and arranged by Deon van Heerden, with Jo Ellis as producer, mixing engineer, and bass/guitar performer, and Christian Burgess on drums and percussion. The vinyl pre-mastering, handled by the renowned Joe Caithness, ensures an unparalleled listening experience.

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