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Hyper Light Drifter - Original Game Soundtrack Boxset

Hyper Light Drifter - Original Game Soundtrack Boxset

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A1. Vignette: Panacea

A2. Vignette: Visions

A3. Titan

A4. Wisdom's Tragedy

A5. Seeds Of The Crown

A6. Vignette: Corruption

B1. The Midnight Wood

B2. Gaol In The Deep

B3. The Resonant Canyon

B4. Stasis Awakening

C1. The Last General

C2. The Winding Ridge

C3. Flock

C4. Cult Of The Zealous

D1. Cascades

D2. The Refiner's Fire

D3. Mycelium

E1. Acropolis Falls

E2. A Chorus Of Tongues

E3. The Hermit

E4. The Water Shelf

F1. Petrichor

F2. The Gauntlet

G1. The Sentients

G2. The Abyss

G3. Chimera

H1. Panacea

H2. The Heirloom

Tracklist: Embark on a sonic odyssey with tracks like "Vignette: Panacea," "Titan," and "The Midnight Wood," each beautifully crafted to match the game's atmospheric landscapes. Feel the thrill of exploration and the allure of the unknown through "Vignette: Visions" and "Wisdom's Tragedy." The pulsating melodies of "Seeds Of The Crown" and "The Resonant Canyon" will transport you to the heart of the game's challenges.

A Captivating Sound Experience: With its engaging melodies and mesmerizing soundscapes, the "Hyper Light Drifter - Original Game Soundtrack" transports you into the very soul of the game. The intricate artwork by Alex Preston and Drew Wise further enriches the experience, drawing you deeper into the world of the Drifter.

Enhanced Repress Edition: The 2022 repress of this beloved soundtrack presents some delightful surprises. The first record is no longer translucent, while the fourth record now gleams with a purple translucent allure. Each record is housed in a hard case, nestled within a tri-fold outer wrap. The wrap is adorned with a foil layer, giving it a unique touch of elegance. Hidden magnets keep the wrap securely shut, while the interior flaps provide credits and tracklist information.

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