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Enter The Gungeon - Original Game Soundtrack 3xLP

Enter The Gungeon - Original Game Soundtrack 3xLP

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A1. Enter The Gungeon

A2. Lead Lords Keep

A3. Gungeon Up Gungeon Down

A4. The Hollow Howl

A5. Black Powder Stomp

A6. Secrets Secrets Secrets

B7. Forge Fire Roar

B8. Abbey Or Die

B9. Oubliette Sting

B10. Office Party Massacre

B11. Hulk Melting

B12. Bullet Hell Yes

C13. The Breach Yawns

C14. What The Lead Lord Reap

C15. Die Cubulon Die

C16. The Hollow Never Sleeps

C17. Black Powder Mine Time

C18. Aimless Void Awaits

C19. The Forge Forgives You Not

D20. Shop Keeps Suite

D21. Abbey Bells Yell

D22. Filthy Oubliette

D23. Inter Office Annihilation

D24. Hulk Destruct Button

D25. Bullet Hell Will Eat You All

E26. Cadence And Ox Forever

E27. Boss Battle Beating

E28. Behold The Boss Eater

E29. The Breach In Victory

E30. Down Down Down Down

E31. Fists For Guns

F32. Synergy Me

F33. Question Marks Of Death

F34. Shrine Time

F35. Winchester's Metal

F36. Revenge Is Romantic

F37. The Bill Is In Blood

F38. Exit The Gungeon

Unleash the Bullet-Dodging Experience: Whether you're a seasoned Gungeoneer or a newcomer to these action-packed games, the vinyl soundtrack will draw you into their worlds like never before. The music's intensity and precision reflect the pulse-pounding action that awaits in the dungeons.

Stunning Artwork: The album cover features striking artwork by Joseph Harmon, capturing the essence of both games and setting the tone for the electrifying experience that awaits you.

Tracklist: From the depths of the Gungeon to the intense battles in Exit the Gungeon, this vinyl boasts 38 epic tracks. Feel the adrenaline surge with titles like "Enter The Gungeon," "Black Powder Stomp," and "Boss Battle Beating." Embrace the challenge of "The Forge Forgives You Not" and "Bullet Hell Will Eat You All." These tracks and more will transport you to the heart of the action.

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