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Hogwarts Legacy - Original Game Soundtrack 3xLP

Hogwarts Legacy - Original Game Soundtrack 3xLP

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A1. Overture To The Unwritten

A2. House Cup Finale

A3. Fig's Search

A4. A Proper Hogwarts Welcome

A5. Potting Mandrakes

A6. Seeking The Keepers

B1. Ranrok's Rage

B2. A Lost Friend

B3. Everybody Grab A Broom

B4. All Roads Lead To Hogsmeade

B5. Anticipating Rookwood

C1. Miriam's Memory

C2. Grasslands Vivarium

C3. A Fitting New Home

C4. Isidora's Pain

C5. See You After Class

C6. Hog's Head Jig

D1. Guardians Awaken

D2. Accio!

D3. Legacy Of Magic

D4. Ruins Of A Noted Seer

E1. A Portrait Of Love

E2. The Greenhouse

E3. Ollivander's Wand Shop

E4. Coastal Vivarium

E5. The Four Houses

E6. You've Made Your Choice

F1. Soaring Over Hogwarts

F2. Haven

F3. The Halls Of Hogwarts

F4. The Room Of Requirement

F5. Niamh's Lullaby

F6. Trespassers

F7. Tribute

A Magical Journey in Music

Each track in this soundtrack has been carefully crafted to capture the essence of the wizarding world. From the epic and soaring "Overture to the Unwritten" to the heartwarming "A Portrait of Love," the music will take you on a magical journey through the captivating landscapes of the game.

Tri-Gatefold Packaging

The soundtrack is pressed on 3 x 140 Gram Gold Vinyl, ensuring top-notch audio quality. The vinyl set comes in a stunning tri-gatefold packaging, featuring beautiful artwork that will make you feel like you're holding a piece of Hogwarts in your hands.

A Must-Have for Harry Potter Fans

Whether you're a devoted Harry Potter fan or simply appreciate mesmerizing and atmospheric music, the "Hogwarts Legacy" original game soundtrack is a must-have addition to your collection.

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