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Silent Hill 3 - Original Game Soundtrack 2xLP

Silent Hill 3 - Original Game Soundtrack 2xLP

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A1. Lost Carol

A2. You’re Not Here

A3. Float Up From Dream

A4. End of Small Sanctuary

A5. Breeze – In Monochrome Night

A6. Sickness Unto Foolish Death

A7. Clockwork Little Happiness

B1. Please Love Me… Once More

B2. A Stray Child

B3. Innocent Moon

B4. Maternal Heart

B5. Letter – From The Lost Days

C1. Dance With Night Wind

C2. Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me

C3. Prayer

C4. Walk On Vanity Ruins

C5. I Want Love

C6. Heads No.2

C7. Memory of The Waters

D1. Rain of Brass Petals

D2. Flower Crown of Poppy

D3. Sun

D4. Uneternal Sleep

D5. Hometown

D6. I Want Love (Studio Mix)

A Haunting Musical Experience

Step into the enigmatic world of Silent Hill 3 as you listen to tracks like "You're Not Here," "Letter - From The Lost Days," and "Hometown." Each piece of music evokes the eerie and emotional atmosphere of the game, drawing you deeper into its chilling narrative.

Limited Edition Rust Edition

This vinyl release is a limited-edition Rust Edition, with only 1000 copies available exclusively through the Official Konami Shop. The gatefold sleeve, obi, and black lined inner sleeves add a touch of elegance to this collector's item.

Vocals by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Joe Romersa

Experience the emotive vocals of Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Joe Romersa, adding depth and emotion to the haunting melodies of the soundtrack.

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