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Sea of Thieves - Original Game Soundtrack 3xLP

Sea of Thieves - Original Game Soundtrack 3xLP

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A1. Maiden Voyage

A2. A New Dawn

A3. The Risen

A4. Shores Of Plenty

A5. Spectral Prologue

A6. Spectral Sails

B7. Stitcher's Sorrow

B8. Who Shall Not Be Returning

B9. Liar's Lair

B10. Skeleton Ambush

B11. Sunken Depths

B12. Into The Heart Of Fire

C13. On Ashen Winds

C14. Force Of Flame

C15. Darkness Falls

C16. Skeleton Fort Prologue

C17. Skeleton Fort

D18. Shores Of Gold

D19. Dark Descent

D20. Vault Of Ancients

D21. Wrecks Of The Lost

D22. The Hungering Deep

D23. The Wild Rose

E24. The Devil's Shroud

E25. Shroudbroken

E26. Tribute Peak

E27. Gold Hoarder

E28. Becalmed — Shores Of Gold

E29. We Shall Sail Together

F30. Jolly Good Fellow

F31. Grogg Mayles

F32. Becalmed

F33. 1812 Overture

F34. Stitcher's Sorrow (Shanty)

F35. The Summoning

F36. Bosun Bill

F37. Ride Of The Valkyries

F38. Becalmed — Seafarer's Song

Credits and Copyright

This album is copyrighted by Microsoft Corporation. The vinyl is pressed by GZ Media and mastered by Nick Townsend. The album art is designed by Haley Wakefield, and the storybook art is by Vivian Shih.

Unique Pressing

The vinyl edition of the album features a special "Tropical Island" colored vinyl set. Each of the three records is pressed on a unique color scheme: blue and yellow swirl vinyl for Record 1, translucent red vinyl with clear and red smoke for Record 2, and translucent orange vinyl with orange and yellow smoke for Record 3. The vinyl set is accompanied by a hardcover gatefold book with a 24-page bound-in storybook, as well as pop-up paper craft center labels, making it an artistic and immersive collector's item.

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