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Severance - Season 1 Original Series Soundtrack LP

Severance - Season 1 Original Series Soundtrack LP

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A1. Main Title

A2. Labor Of Love

A3. Kimono Highway

A4. Hall Of Eagans

A5. Note To Self

A6. Tokens

A7. Expiration Date

A8. Still Vibrating

A9. Tree of Life

A10. Done For the Night

B1. Secret Places

B2. Interdepartmental

B3. After Hours

B4. Batter Up

B5. Safely Situated

B6. The Four Tempers

B7. That Innie

B8. Cobel At Lumon

B9. Alive

Severance: The Soundtrack - An Auditory Journey Through the Series

Experience the haunting and immersive world of "Severance" like never before with this exceptional vinyl soundtrack. Composed to perfection, these tracks draw you into the series' enigmatic atmosphere, creating an unforgettable auditory experience.

A Sonic Landscape That Transcends

This vinyl edition takes you deep into the heart of "Severance." From the captivating "Main Title" to the mysterious "Tree of Life," each track represents a piece of the series' intricate narrative. Let the music transport you to the world of Lumon and beyond.

Collector's Edition - "Innie" Vinyl

This collector's edition is truly unique. Pressed on 140g black vinyl, it's housed in a stunning "Innie Edition." Limited to an initial pressing of 5000, each copy is numbered, making it a coveted item for fans. The package includes more than just music; it comes with an office folder, a Lumon disco bag, a music dance experience card, a record safety card, co-worker cards, and hidden treasures that only your "innie" can find.

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