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Dreamseeker - Chrono Trigger Cover Album 2xLP

Dreamseeker - Chrono Trigger Cover Album 2xLP

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A1. Memories Of Green = みどりの思い出

A2. Schala’s Theme = サラのテーマ

A3. Singing Mountain = 歌う山

A4. Wind Scene = 風の憧憬

B1. Corridors Of Time = 時の回廊

B2. Delightful Spekkio = 愉快なスペッキオ

B3. At The Bottom Of Night = 夜の底にて

B4. Secret Of The Forest = 樹海の神秘

C1. Main Theme = クロノ・トリガー

C2. World Revolution = 世界変革の時

C3. To Far Away Times = 遥かなる時の彼方へ

D1. Frog’s Theme = カエルのテーマ

D2. Peaceful Days = やすらぎの日々

D3. Robo’s Theme = ロボのテーマ

D4. Epilogue ~ To Good Friends = エピローグ ~親しき仲間へ~

A Must-Have for Chrono Trigger Fans

If you're a fan of Chrono Trigger or a lover of video game music, this cover album is a must-have addition to your vinyl collection. With only 200 copies available, it's a rare and treasured gem for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Featuring Unforgettable Tracks from the Game

This limited edition vinyl features a carefully curated selection of tracks from Chrono Trigger, each lovingly reinterpreted by different artists. From "Memories Of Green" to "To Far Away Times," every song is a nostalgic journey back to the game's memorable moments.

Vocal Collaborations and New Arrangements

Prepare to be mesmerized by stunning vocal collaborations on tracks like "Schala's Theme" and "At The Bottom Of Night," featuring talented singers like Julia Henderson and Laura Brinks. Each arrangement captures the essence of the original while offering a fresh take on the music you love.


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