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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind - Original Series Soundtrack 2xLP

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind - Original Series Soundtrack 2xLP

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A1. Il Vento D'oro

A2. Alba

A3. Crepuscolo

A4. Tensione

A5. Passione

A6. Il Primo Assassino

B1. Bugia

B2. Attacco

B3. Esperienza D'oro

B4. Misterioso

B5. Crisi

B6. Pace

B7. Il Sole

C1. Male

C2. Riproduzione

C3. Ristorante Bar

C4. Proiettile

C5. Canzoni Preferite

C6. Aereo Da Caccia

C7. Spensierato - Rabbia

D1. Virus

D2. Situazione Difficile

D3. Nella Cerniera

D4. Legame

D5. Un Sogno

D6. Squadra

A Musical Odyssey

Spread across two vinyl LPs, this soundtrack offers a total of 24 tracks that capture the essence of the Golden Wind story. From epic battle themes to serene melodies that evoke the Italian setting, each track paints a vivid picture of the adventures, challenges, and emotions of the characters.

Collector's Delight

Presented in a limited edition purple translucent vinyl, this release is not only a feast for the ears but also a visual delight. The high-quality pressing ensures that you'll experience the full richness of the soundtrack's arrangements and nuances.

Rediscover the Adventure

Whether you're a devoted fan of "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" or simply appreciate powerful and emotive soundtracks, the "Golden Wind Vinyl Soundtrack" lets you dive into the captivating world of Stand battles, mystery, and camaraderie. Let the music transport you to the vibrant and enigmatic world of the Joestar lineage as they face new challenges and adversaries.

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